An-Najah News - A recent study showed that foxes' behavior and their relationship with human societies goes back to ancient stone ages.


According to the study, which was highlighted by the British newspaper, "Metro", "We should not be surprised when we see foxes today spread among garbage to search for food, because it was doing so, a very long time ago."


The researchers compared the carbon and nitrogen ratios between the remains of many carnivorous and herbivorous animals in southwestern Germany, dating back to the Stone Age.


They found that in archaeological sites more than 42,000 years old, the fox's diet was similar to that of humans, and its behavior was similar to what is happening now.


They mentioned that foxes were feeding on human leftovers.


Expert Chris Boman from the University of Tübingen and his colleagues revealed that the relationship between humans and foxes may have begun in ancient times.


He pointed out that "if this is confirmed, these animals can be useful indicators of human life in the past."