An-Najah News - A Japanese company has created a smart protective mask that connects to the Internet, in light of the increasing demand for masks due to the spread of the Corona virus.


The emerging Japanese "Donut Robotics" company has developed a mask that can give who wears it instructions on social spacing, which has become necessary in order to avoid infection with coronavirus


Among the features of the smart mask, according to the company, is the translation of the Japanese language into 8 other languages, which are English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.


The smart mask called "C Mask" is placed after the traditional mask and it connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology, where it can convert speech to text messages, make calls, and even amplify the speaker voice.


The first 5,000 pieces will be put on the Japanese market next September. The price of a smart mask is about $ 40 USD, and the consumer must purchase a smart mask application through online stores, in order to use it.